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05 October 2011 @ 01:54 pm
Concluding thoughts on The Son of Neptune - posting here for public access  
I'm posting this here because I want to link some of my friends to this and I can't, for the life of me, get my tumblr to work with the 'read more' button and my personal LJ is friends-locked and won't let me post public entries. You are free to ignore this if you don't want Son of Neptune spoilers.

So I finished reading the book in about ten hours. Not straight, though. I had to take several breaks for laundry, food and sleep, but more or less, ten hours of reading.

And I have several things to say. Spoilers galore, so I'm going to cut this thing. Read at your own risk, babes.

First things first, since I last complained about Riordan setting things in Portland, I'm going to clear up that. The only problem I had with the whole Portland scene was that Riordan seems to forget that there are 2.5 million people in Portland and downtown Portland is by no means going to be have deserted streets just because it's raining; it rains about 80% of the time in Portland. We're used to rain.Also, I really don't think that Portlanders would be tricked by the Mist to see a bunch of harpies as pigeons. We've seen weirder, honestly.

I mean, come on, the city's unofficial slogan is "Keep Portland Weird."

And, honestly, if Ella likes books that much, I see her having a second nest at Powell's City of Books. Just saying. :) Also, Ella is adorable, I'm totally in love with her, she and Tyson are so cute.

Anyways, onto the spoiler-y stuff.

I am really glad there wasn't a real Percabeth reunion. That would have ruined it for me. I've mentioned before that I have a burning hatred for the pairing, but I won't get into that here. But really, if Percy and Annabeth had actually reunited at the end of the book instead of Riordan giving us that cliffhanger, it would have ruined the whole book. We can't have the 'happy ending' this soon, guys. They have to work for it and we've got at least a couple more books to go.

And actually, considering what Hera/Juno said, I actually am crossing my fingers that they break up. Honestly, the way I see it, there's no real way for Percy and Annabeth to work if Annabeth is "the one that will cause the most trouble" for the prophecy. Percy's heroism is not going to let his attachment to her destroy the chances of completing this new prophecy for the positive. No matter how much he thinks he loves her, if it comes between saving the world and picking Annabeth, he's going to save the world.

That's what I think Phineas meant by the big sacrifice Percy would have to face in the future will be. If he chooses Annabeth, the world falls. If he chooses the world, he looses Annabeth. And honestly, I think the series would be better for it if Percy lost Annabeth. But then, that's probably just me and my dislike for the pairing speaking up.

Another thing I was thinking as I got towards the end of the book is that I really, honestly, don't think that Annabeth is one of the seven of the prophecy. I mean, okay, an argument could be made that she is, but I don't think so. Hera's the one working behind the scenes to make sure this prophecy goes well for Olympus; it's more or less the prophecy of Hera, really. Considering that, having Annabeth be one of the seven, that feud between her and Hera is really going to fuck shit up.

Honestly, I think the seventh demigod is Nico. I know, I know, they already have Hazel, so Pluto/Hades is already represented, but thinking over it, the prophecy might call for both of them. I mean, the Doors of Death. I think it's going to need both the Roman and Greek side of Hades to get that closed, possibly Nico on one side and Hazel on the other - sort of like how the Riku and Sora closing the door to Kingdom Hearts scene worked (follow the link and go to 2:20; that's basically what I'm thinking). Plus, Nico's already been looking for the Doors of Death on the other side, in the Underworld, so that might be foreshadowing that. With Gaea having already kidnapped Nico and supposedly holding him in Rome, they've got the one side of the Doors secured from being closed.

So that's my thought there.

And to be completely truthful, guys, I think both Frank and Hazel are going to die by the end of this series. Which, really, isn't bad. Hazel likes Frank, she's already come back from the dead and Frank is destined to have a short life because of the stick thing. If they both died heroes and achieved Elysium together, that would be really nice for them.

Though, haha, who else called the connection between Sammy and Leo? :D Well, okay, it flashed in my head briefly, but a friend told me there was a true connection, so, same thing.

So now we have to wait a full bloody year before we get the next book. Yup, Mark of Athena isn't released until Fall 2012. Riordan!Troll strikes again!

yamipenguin: Shuichi Akaiyamipenguin on October 5th, 2011 10:37 pm (UTC)
Well since Leo is a dead ringer for Sammy-I'm guessing they are blood related.
I agree with you on the Percabeth pairing! I still think Aphrodite had something to do with them getting together! She admitted that she would be playing with Percy's love life. So I don't trust that pairing! I think they make better friends than a couple...
Maybe the 7th demigod is a ghost? Honestly I expected all of them to have their own chapters. Another fan thinks the 7th demigod is Annabeth. But since she hates Hera-I cannot see this prophecy being fulfilled or coming true if Annabeth is the 7th demigod.
I really wanted to see Luke show up in this series even if he is dead. Grr-I hated the ending of TLO! For more than 1 reason!
Kirii: Heaven Forbid // Apolloxaefryl on October 6th, 2011 03:50 am (UTC)
Re: agreed...
It's not even a guess, really; Sammy's last name was Valdez and so is Leo's. At the very least, Sammy was Leo's grandfather.

I'm actually very much convinced Aphrodite had something to do with it. The scarf from the Lightning Thief? Percy did smell the love magic in it while he was with Annabeth, so the argument can be made that he's being influenced by that magic. That's my theory and the one I will stick to, no matter how canon the pairing is. They were much better as just friends. Once Annabeth started liking Percy as a love interest, she just caused more and more trouble, to be honest. I think she needs to back off before she causes some serious damage.

And I don't see how a ghost can be one of the 'greatest demigods of the age'. It's an interesting thought, to be sure, but I don't think it's the case. Considering Annabeth, again, she doesn't seem to fit the bill, either. I mean, what has she really accomplished? She helped on the quests, but in the end, all of those quests were on Percy's shoulders. Annabeth only had one quest and that wasn't really all that impressive. So I don't consider her the greatest anything.

And I know! :o We need Luke back! Even if it's just another recycled plot of him getting a second chance like Hazel did; they both helped bring a Big Bad to life, but did the right thing in the end by helping to destroy said Big Bad, so why shouldn't Luke get a chance to come back?
yamipenguin: Toichi Kurobayamipenguin on October 6th, 2011 05:02 am (UTC)
I agree-I think Sammy is either Leo's grandpa or uncle-I only skimmed the book-so I'm not sure how old Hazel is. But unless Hades broke the oath-Hazel would have to be several years older than Nico. Given how Hades loved Maria di Angelo I don't see him having 2 lovers at the same time.
Yep-definitely agrees with you on that one! I still think Percy is gay. A pity I don't know where Rick Riodran lives so I cannot force him to turn PJO series into yaoi...If I owned PJ, I would have paired Percy up with Luke.
Well-Annabeth definitely don't fit the bill-if she was the 7th surely she would have been given her own chapter? There's Thalia, Nico, and Grover. But Grover is a satyr...Tyson is a Cyclops, plus he didn't appear until the 2rd book. While Nico only showed up in the 3rd book. After Thalia joined the hunters she vanished until the 5th book. The only other demigod that was in ALL of the 5 books and was a main character is Luke... And i really wanted to see Luke redeem himself, so I really want to see Luke appear in this...
Come on-if Hazel got to redeem herself-why cannot Luke? Plus Percy need some serious closure. If he and Luke got to hash things out then maybe when Luke dies for real-Percy wouldn't have mixed feelings... I really think Luke's betrayal hit Percy harder than he let on.