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Fanfics written by Kirii
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This community is where Kirii posts any fanfiction she writes that is not Transformers related. If you're looking for her Transformers fics, you want sketched_memory. This is mostly for Kirii's Percy Jackson fics. There may or may not be other fandoms posted later, but for now, Percy Jackson fics rule this community with an iron fist.

Please keep in mind that Kirii members-locks any fics containing sexual content, rated R or NC-17. You must join the community in order to view those fics. Kirii trusts all readers to use their own judgment on whether they become members or not. She does not moderate membership. Use you head, dear readers; if you don't want to view sexual content, don't join. Simple as that.

Also, please keep in mind that Kirii mainly writes slash. If you don't like slash, do not join or watch. Rarely will Kirii ever write het.
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