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15 October 2011 @ 11:07 am
One-shot // Can I Borrow You for a Minute?  
Posting this here because leaving fics anonymously in comments on kinkmemes bothers me. =/ I just like having things I write somewhere you don't have to scroll through comments to read a fic and, you know, not everyone reads the kinkmeme.

Title: Can I Borrow You for a Minute?
Rating: R
Pairing: Luke/Percy
Warnings: This would have been a PWP, but damn it, plot got in the way.
Author's Note: An anon on the PJO kinkmeme posted that they would start filling request if someone filled theirs. Being in a mood, my first thought upon reading that post was 'challenge accepted.' This fic follows the book storyline for The Lightning Thief but imagine the film ages so Percy is closer to age of consent than twelve?
Word Count: 2240
Disclaimer: Clearly, they don't belong to me. Of course, that won't stop me, either.

Prompt: Luke/Percy; preferably camp-sex where Luke's feeling a bit horny and calls upon Percy for assistance

- Can I Borrow You for Minute? -

Percy had only been a camp for a few days, but he was already falling into a routine with his schedule. Breakfast was followed by chores, which was followed by track, followed by Ancient Greek lessons, then wrestling, so on and so forth. He hadn't been claimed yet, so he stayed with the campers from the Hermes cabin – though he always tried to keep an eye on them because of their tendency to steal things from right under his nose – and talked occasionally with Annabeth. He'd hang out with Grover whenever they had the chance to, which wasn't all that often because, to Percy's dismay, the satyr did have work to do around the camp.

The one thing in Percy's schedule that he really looked forward to was the sword-training lessons Luke instructed. Though he had yet to find a sword that he thought felt right in his hands, Percy still liked the feel of holding a sword in his hands, learning the techniques that Luke would teach him – the son of Hermes often took Percy aside for one-on-one instruction, which made Percy grin through out the private lesson. He genuinely liked the older demigod and being pulled aside for extra tips and training made him feel like Luke had high expectations of him; something that Percy, as a dyslexic and ADHD-addled student, had never really experienced.

It was Percy's fifth day at Camp Half-Blood when Luke pulled him aside after lessons again.

"Hey, Jackson," the son of Hermes greeted with a grin that tugged at his scar. The older demigod seemed like he'd hardly worked up a sweat after teaching a group of demigods how to parry and thrust; he wasn't even winded after the workout. At the same time, there was a strange way to how Luke held himself, an odd shine to his blue eyes. "Think I can borrow you for a minute?"

Percy looked up from where he was helping one of the twins from the Dionysus cabin pick up equipment that had been left across the arena. "Sure," he replied. He waved someone else over to help Pollux before moving to follow Luke. He grabbed the sword he'd been practicing with, certain that the older demigod was just calling him over for more extra lessons.

"You won't need that," Luke assured the younger demigod, shaking his head. "Set it down and follow me, Percy."

Confused, Percy obediently set the sword down. He went after Luke again, stepping up behind the other teen as Luke exited the main area of the arena, leading Percy around to the storage area. There was a couple of sheds and a row of lockers on the south side of the arena and Luke silently unlocked one of the lockers and pulled out a couple of items before coming back to Percy. He reached out and grabbed the younger demigod's arm, tugging him aside, into one of the sheds.

"Luke, what's - "

Percy didn't even get to fully ask Luke what was going on. The moment he opened his mouth, Luke had pulled him in, catching the younger demigod's lips in a deep, rough kiss. It completely threw Percy for a loop; the last thing he'd been expecting was for Luke – his senior, his mentor – to be kissing him like this. He could barely manage to react, eyes wide as Luke pushed him back, continued to kiss him. The son of Hermes grabbed his wrists and held them against the wall of the shed after Percy felt his back hit the wall.

Both of them were breathless when Luke finally broke the kiss. Percy blinked several times, jaw slack and lips kiss-swollen as he caught his breath again. "Luke, by the gods."

Luke's eyes flashed briefly with an emotion that Percy couldn't quite place – anger, perhaps; Percy knew that the gods were a touchy subject with the son of Hermes. It seemed to be more than that, though. There was a certain darkness there, in those blue eyes, cold and hard, but there was also a warmth there, hidden beneath the ice. The older demigod pressed Percy against the wall, hands still binding the teen's wrists as their hips touched.

"I was hoping you'd give me a hand," Luke said, voice low and throaty. The tone had Percy shivering, a rush of arousal coursing suddenly through his slim body. "Or, perhaps, a bit more than that." The blond demigod rocked his hips against Percy's, drawing a soft moan from the younger teen. "What do you say, Percy?"

Why not? Percy couldn't deny that he was attracted to Luke. The son of Hermes was handsome, definitely, his looks not really all that affected by the scar on his cheek. Luke also helped Percy understand the sword techniques that were sure to help the younger teen as he trained, gave him a hand keeping his belongings safe in the Hermes cabin, and was just, generally, someone Percy liked hanging out with, even if Luke was older than him by a few years.

Of course, with Luke holding him against the wall the way he was, face so close to Percy's, it wasn't as if the younger demigod could bring himself to say no. He wanted Luke. So, he gave a nod of his head, giving the son of Hermes the go ahead. "I'll help."

That had Luke grinning again, the curve of his lips tugging at his scar. "That's what I wanted to hear," he told Percy, leaning in and capturing the younger teen's lips again. His hands released their grip on Percy's wrists and started to wander over the other demigod's body. "Good answer, Percy."

Percy let out another soft moan as Luke's hands slipped under his shirt and started tracing along the muscles of his stomach. He had never really done anything like this before, so he let Luke lead. Following the older demigod's example, Percy brought his hands up to the son of Hermes' torso, exploring and learning as he went. Despite the so-called disabilities that had caused him trouble in school, Percy was a quick learner when it came to 'giving Luke a hand'.

For a few minutes, all they did was touch, kiss, and grind eagerly against each other. Luke clearly had much more experience than Percy did, with his long fingers seeking out and finding each and every sensitive spot on the younger demigod's body, lips catching Percy's in deep, thorough kisses, teeth grazing against the teen's neck. The son of Hermes pushed Percy against the wall of the shed, hands running along Percy's sides, hips rocking against the younger teen's, drawing more of those moans from Percy's lips.

And suddenly, that wasn't enough. Percy found himself at Luke's mercy as the older demigod deftly unfastened his jeans, slipped the denim down over his hips. Luke brought his own jeans down a moment later and was pulling Percy close again, pressing their now bare hips together, causing both of them to groan in pleasure. The son of Hermes had his mouth on his companion's neck again, hot breath against Percy's skin sending a shiver rocking through the younger demigod's body.


"No turning back now, Percy," the son of Hermes murmured, bringing his lips up, trailing hot kisses up Percy's neck and catching the younger demigod's earlobe in his mouth, teasing the flesh between his teeth. The action elicited a gasp from the teen and Luke could feel Percy's heart pounding with their chest pressed together.

Percy didn't want to turn back anyways. He brought his legs up around Luke's waist, bracing himself up against the wall as best he could. Luke took that as his cue to bring out a small tube – what he'd gotten out of the locker – and opened it, slathering his fingers with the oil it contained. The son of Hermes caught Percy close, pushing the younger demigod against the wall and brought his hand down to reach so he could prepare the teen. A hard kiss between them muffled the sounds of Percy's gasping moan as Luke's finger circled the sensitive ring of muscle at his entrance, teasing him and sending shocks of arousal through the younger demigod's body.

"Luke, please!" Percy begged, breaking the kiss. He was getting so impatient, Luke's teasing only making him want more. And why did he have to beg Luke to keep going when it was Luke that had started all of this?

Luke gave a rather devious grin and leaned in, lips pressed against the younger demigod's neck for a moment before pushing one finger into Percy, up to the first knuckle. Percy let out a hard gasp at the feel, so unfamiliar, painful and, yet, Luke was telling him to relax, kissing his neck, nipping at the skin, biting and sucking enough to leave bright marks. Swallowing, the younger demigod closed his eyes, taking as deep a breath as he could with Luke's mouth on his neck, finger steadily pushing in deeper.

Once Percy had relaxed, Luke continued to prepare and stretch the younger teen, slipping in a second finger, pressing deep and seeking inside Percy. When he found what he was looking for, Percy knew it – that blindingly pleasurable sensation that jolted the teen's body, causing him to shout and clutch to the son of Hermes; that was it. Luke's fingers crooked inside Percy and the younger man was nearly undone at that.

"Not yet, Percy," Luke all but purred. His voice was husky, blue eyes dark with want. Hands pulling his partner's legs up, he caught Percy's lips and shifted their positions a bit, lining up with the younger demigod. As he pushed into Percy, both of them broke the kiss with groans, Percy's head tilting back and Luke leaning in to bite at the teen's shoulder.

Percy's mind was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure he felt through the pain of being taken by the older demigod. The only thing he could think of was that he wanted more, wanted Luke to fill him. Breath coming in ragged gasps between the deep moans and cries that escaped him, the teen could hardly do anything in return, though he tried, kissing at Luke's skin, fingers clutching at the shirt Luke still wore. His hips rocked with Luke's as the son of Hermes thrust against him, pushing himself deeper into Percy with each movement, pulling back and in again.

Finally, Percy couldn't take it anymore and his body arched, muscles taut as his vision went white and a high moan flew from his lips as he came. He could barely breathe at all as he rode out his orgasm with Luke still thrusting against him. Only vaguely aware of the older demigod's own groan as the son of Hermes released into him, Percy clutched to Luke, holding onto him like a life-line, sure that he'd drown in the pleasure that filled him if he dared to let go. As his senses returned, coming down from the high, breathless and skin slick with sweat and his own release, Percy found that he still didn't want to let go of Luke.

When he looked up at Luke as they both recovered, he couldn't help noticing how the older demigod looked, blond bangs plastered to his forehead and eyes half-lidded – Luke was satisfied, his lips curved into that smirk he always gave Percy when the younger teen had done well. A warmth welled in Percy's chest, knowing that he'd pleased Luke. And when Luke caught in lips in one more kiss, slowly easing himself out of Percy, he was returning the kiss, not caring if his lungs protested the lack of oxygen already making them burn.

"And that's why you're my favorite student," Luke murmured as he broke the kiss. He let Percy down, gave him the other thing he'd grabbed from the locker – a bottle of water – and had the younger demigod sit on one of the crates in the shed, after pulling Percy's jeans back up. He ran his hand through his hair as he pulled his own pants on again, giving a hum of content. "Yeah, that did the trick. Thanks, Percy."

Percy gave a nod, still rather breathless. He took a long drink from the bottle, the water helping him feel much better, just as it did after a hard training session. Still, he was nowhere near recovered yet. His body was already aching and he was feeling rather spent. Drinking more sounded like a good idea. "Is that...is that all you wanted?" he asked Luke, looking up at the son of Hermes, a little hesitant, wondering if Luke had just been using him.

Luke studied the younger demigod for a moment, blue eyes wandering over Percy's body. He didn't say anything for a little while, but when he did, it was with a smirk over his lips. "Well," he said, drawing the word out purposefully. "Not all."

He moved over to Percy and leaned in, resting his hands on the crate on either side of the teen and kissed him again. This time, he kissed Percy gently, taking it slow and making it as sensual and thorough as possible, promising more. And Percy looked forward to more.
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yamipenguin: happier timesyamipenguin on October 15th, 2011 06:44 pm (UTC)
get stuck...
Really good! This is an one-shot-right? PLEASE have Luke decide to take Percy with him if Luke joins Kronos! I still wish that either Thalia or Jason got stuck with the prophecy! Nico is too young, and I doubt Kronos will want to wait 4 extra years for the war to end...His ego would demand that he make his move quickly.
Since Zeus's actions resulted into May Castellan going insane and Luke having to grow up with an insane mom and then end up hating his dad. Zeus is way overdue for serious karma justice...So yes it would be rather fitting if his kid got stuck having to clean up the mess Zeus's decisions caused! Plus Hera would suffer-Zeus-teme promised Jason's life to Hera, so Hera is interested in Jason for some reason. Anything that ruins Hera's plans is fine with me!
yamipenguin: Working Lateyamipenguin on October 15th, 2011 06:55 pm (UTC)
by the way...
By the way-I think your Luke muse is now happy, but he will probably want more time with Percy...SO don't be surprised when he gets ideas from the kinkmeme...
jan_reajan_rea on October 30th, 2011 01:26 am (UTC)
This is mind-blowingly hot, and such a great read~ *drools*
moltiemoltie on November 26th, 2011 03:55 pm (UTC)
I LOVE this! I need to stop shipping Percy with every boy in the series, lol, but whenever I come across a fic like this, I just love it, even though Percy/Nico is my OTP.